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Pure Wool:
A Unique and Sustainable Experience

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Pure Natural Mystic

Each of our wool fibers carries the magic of its homeland: the harmony and the essence of nature that reveals its charm in each of its manifestations. A respected, preserved, and cared for nature that nurtures itself at every step of a process that develops and expands its potential.

A nature that expresses its mystique, narrating our identity as producers, captivating others with the purest premium wool. The development of Uruguay Wools integrates brand architecture under the umbrella of the country brand and is part of the investment and export agency's mission.


What Makes Us Different

Uruguay pioneers and innovates in modern, sustainable, and animal-friendly production processes. Globally, we are recognized as international leaders.

We strive for quality in every step of production and processing, endorsed by local and international standards and supported by fashion authorities.

Producers are devoted to implementing flock management practices to enhance the quality of wool production based on new knowledge.


What makes us different

Wool production in Uruguay occurs in a preserved natural environment. Flocks graze mostly on open fields, outdoors, with water sources, shade, and shelter always available.

A part of our country's cultural heritage involves respecting workers and their rights, as well as caring for the environment through responsible production practices.


Our values applied to the production and processing of wool, combined with our country's vast fields and beautiful natural landscapes, create an ideal environment to achieve a unique product.


Genetics and Animal Management

Producers apply specific technology for sheep farming and producing the highest quality wool and rely on objective measurements and genetic assessments to improve flocks.

Genetics and Animal Management
Producers apply specific technology for sheep farming and producing the highest quality wool and rely on objective measurements and genetic assessments to improve flocks.
Shearing and Wool Conditioning
Shearing follows strict animal welfare guidelines by renowned shearing companies and shearers. Wool undergoes a specific conditioning process to enhance its presentation and prevent contamination. The Green Label (Grifa Verde) certifies the wool harvesting process to increase the selling value of the final result.
At this stage, wool is processed industrially or manually through washing, carding, combing, and spinning methods.
Raw Wool, or wool as it is shorn from the sheep, is known as Greasy Wool due to its high level of Wool Grease, from which Lanolin is refined.
Scoured Wool
Scouring wool is an important step. It's the process that transforms greasy wool into the wonderful fiber that blankets the decks of cruise ships and makes up the woolen clothing we wear.
Combed Wool
Combing is a fiber preparation procedure that removes short fibers and contaminants (vegetation, kemp, neps, and weak fibers) to leave longer fibers in the form of tops.
Yarn is a long continuous length of interlocked fibres, used in sewing, crocheting, knitting, weaving, embroidery, ropemaking, and the production of textiles. Wool yarn is warm, easy care, durable and insulating, even when it’s wet.
Knitted Fabrics and Felt
Knitted Fabrics and Home Accessories


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Uruguayan wool has a long tradition. With significant contributions from its origins in England, Spain, and France, our wool became an export product from the 20th century onwards. Its virtues are appreciated in the most demanding international markets.

Building on our rich history of excellence, today, we have specific standards for animal welfare in different production systems, along with modern technologies, a favorable climate for sheep farming, and qualified producers and workers with international recognition.


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