Why Uruguay — Uruguay Wools
La armonía y el espíritu de un país único

The Harmony and Spirit of
a Unique Country

Uruguay is located in the southeast of the Americas, a temperate climate land with large pastures ideal for sheep farming in a natural and sustainable way.

Sheep production in Uruguay is an economic activity with a long tradition that encourages people to remain in rural areas.

Uruguay has animal welfare standards, open grazing, modern management technologies and excellent genetics.

Our Wools

Our wools reflect a history, a legacy, the innovative leadership that has led us to become a reference; they are the result of the vision, commitment, and conviction of our people. Our wools are the most complete expression of our pure, natural, and mystic nature.

Industries have sustainable management: renewable energies, effluent treatment, use of biodegradable products and decent working conditions throughout the country with the capacity and know-how to enter the most demanding markets.

The perfect combination of sophisticated design, identity and adaptation to international trends position the wool products designed and produced in Uruguay in the world. Uruguayan wool and its designers are chosen by the most iconic celebrities and the most demanding international markets.