Uruguay Wools

International fashion media outlet highlights qualities and sustainability of Uruguayan Wools

The Uruguayan national soccer team wore suits and berets made of the highest quality Uruguayan Merino wool in Qatar. With the “Lana Celeste a Catar” (Uruguayan wool to Qatar) project, the players became ambassadors of one of Uruguay’s flagship industries due to its sustainability and history .

Just like the Uruguayan Soccer Team, Uruguayan wool is judged against the best in the world, which is why during the Qatar 2022 World Cup the players wore suits and berets handmade with the highest quality national Merino wool. The goal was to promote the country as an exporter of high-value natural products and to position it as a benchmark for fashion and sustainable design.

This is how the article from Fashion Mingle magazine, an international fashion media outlet, describes it. Read the full article in the following link: World Cup fashion: Uruguayan team wears cool wool suits in the heat of the World Cup in Qatar