Uruguay Wools

Gucci incorporates sustainable Uruguayan wool as an exclusive raw material

The second most valuable textile company in the world will incorporate sustainable Uruguayan wool into its luxury products.

With the Climate Action award from the Sustainable Fashion Awards awarded to the Uruguayan producer Gabriea Brodabehere at the last Italian Fashion Week, Uruguayan fine wool will reach Gucci garments.

The recognition is part of the agreement framed in Nativa’s regenerative production program and is given between Gucci and Nativa Precious Fiber, a brand of the French group Chargeurs, focused on the supply of sustainable wool and certification of the productive chain for committed fashion brands with the reduction of the environmental impact.

This alliance, in tune with the global trend of change towards sustainability in the fashion ecosystem, aims for the clothing company to exclusively use Uruguayan Nativa wool in the medium term for the manufacture of its luxury garments and involves producers and the leading company in wool combing, care for the environment and circular economy: Lanas Trinidad.

The National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA) also played a key role in this project, in charge of carrying out the analyzes of regenerative production and measurements of biodiversity and soil nutrient levels in La Soledad.