About us — Uruguay Wools

and Present

Uruguayan wools have a long, centuries-old tradition. With relevant contributions from England, Spain and France, Uruguayan wool has become a world reference since the 20th century, and its properties are highly appreciated in the most demanding markets.

Honoring our rich history of excellence, today we have the most rigorous standards in animal welfare, the most modern technologies, a favorable climate for sheep breeding and skilled labor, a reference in the world, with optimal working conditions. The use of renewable energies, effluent treatment and biodegradable products ensure a natural and sustainable production that contributes to carbon sequestration in the environment.

Benefits of wool

Benefits of wool

Uruguayan wool has benefits for the health and well-being of people, animals, and our planet.

Respectful of the Planet

Uruguay Wools seeks to develop a top-quality product while at the same time preserving the environment and committing to animal welfare. Biodegradable, 100% natural, renewable and recyclable, Uruguayan wool has features that render it a unique fiber.

  • Respectful of animals
  • Carbon emission efficient
  • Biodegradable and renewable
  • Traceable to its origin

Friendly to Its People

Aware and assertive—that’s our approach to environmental issues, but also to social and labor aspects. These core values set the wool industry as a role model in terms of development, policies and practices in our country. We pursue the development of our people, and we want anyone who uses our wools to know that they are choosing a product that was produced in an ethical and sustainable manner.

A Source of Inspiration

The quality of Uruguay Wools is the result of a thorough work in genetics, driven by knowledge, technology, and tradition. The outcome is wool of the highest quality, white and bright, diverse and versatile. And it is the perfect canvas for the creativity of local and renowned global designers.

  • Whiter, brighter, with live and deep colors.
  • More resistant to soiling.
  • Warmer, and an excellent insulator.