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Pure Natural Mystic

Pure Natural Mystic

Uruguay Wools
Nature at its best.

Nature First

Our wools come from the richness of a natural world that is respected; from a land that preserves harmony and balance, allowing qualities to be enhanced and beauty to emerge.

Awareness and Commitment

Awar ends and conviction at the environmental, labor, and social levels are the structural components that make the sector a unique reference and an example in development, policies, and practices for the region.

A Spirit of Perfection

Uruguayan wools reflect the quality of all aspects of the process. The ongoing technology and machinery updating, together with the astonishing development of genetics, make Uruguayan wools a seal of indisputable quality.

Quality Tradition

One of the four textile
hubs existing in the

One of the main
suppliers of wool

Among the 10 largest exporters
of scoured wool,
greasy wool, and wool tops.

Uruguay Wools and the Planet

Wide meadows of fresh
air with rivers

98% renewable energy matrix.

Traceability that provides
information on the entire
production process.

Uruguay Wools and Animal Welfare

Open grazing.

Mulesing-free farming.

Emerging country with the highest ESG rating.

Committed to ethical production and sheep welfare.

Uruguay Wools and Fashion

A blending that conquers the world.

High-quality local design that benefits community work.

International designers that find in Uruguayan wools a source of inspiration and a great raw material.

Incredibly easy to dye and naturally stain-resistant.